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Get tips on using the color of the year

Lynda Moore gives tips on using Ultraviolet, the color of the year. try it in your hair, eyes or lips.

Beautify yourself for the holidays

Winter wrecks havoc on your skin. double cleanse, and add extra moisturizer, especially at nighttime. pay extra attention to your lashes and eyebrows. They can become weak and brittle.

Quick beauty tips with Lynda Moore

Quick beauty tips: use lip balm around eyes and apply on cheeks, before your highlighter. Use hair conditioner on your body, to give your skin extra hydration in the winter. Apply blue mascara, or apply blue primer (Revitalash is our favorite), over your mascara, to give your eyes a pick

Fall Favorites from Lynda Moore

The weather is changing, and so is your skin. Try incorporating a few different things in your beauty routine. Skinade, is a collagen drink, that will boost your collagen and hydration from the inside. Also, a dab black mask on your face, once a week, to get that healthy glow.

The many benefits of pumpkin for your skin

Pumpkin is high in beta carotene, zinc, magnesium, and enzymes, which helps rejuvenate the skin. Try a pumpkin facial or a DIY hair mask

Back to School Hygiene Tips

Stay healthy and get clean with a few tips from Lynda Moore, owner of SkinBar in Las Vegas

Pamper your papa for Father’s Day at home

Lynda Moore shows how to make a quick mask for your dad using Beer, egg whites and lime juice. Pamper your dad at home by soaking his feet in epsom salt and gently trim his eye brows to get rid of the stray hairs

Sunscreen Tips with Lynda Moore

Sunscreens can be confusing. Find out what the difference is between an spf 30 and an spf 50

Spring clean your makeup bag

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your makeup bag. When to throw out your makeup? Makeup powders last about two years when opened. Cream makeup last only 10 months, mascara lasts only 3-6 months. Lipsticks and lip glosses expire after a year. Machine wash your makeup bag or clean it with a little…
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Dry skin tips with Lynda Moore

Hydrate your dry skin and lips with a few beauty tips. Lynda Moore, owner of Skinbar in Las Vegas, gives beauty tips on a local tv show.