Activated Charcoal and Antioxidants help to combat Skin Pollution

Lynda Moore discusses the importance of activated charcoal internally and in skincare products. Antioxidants can help to repair sun damage and skin pollution. Studies have shown that air pollution exposure is linked to hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne and loss of skin elasticity

Countdown to great looking skin for the holidays

Lynda Moore shares tips on looking and feeling good before Thanksgiving. Of course she recommends a facial two weeks prior, a juice cleanse one week prior, and a good exfoliating body scrub a day prior to Thanksgiving.

Too much sugar can wreck havoc on your skin.

Sugar is a high acid food, which can lead to inflammation, redness, irritation, and excessive oil production. Cutting our refined sugars can make a difference in your health and skin. Lynda Moore, owner of SkinBar, in Henderson, Nevada discusses How sugar affects your skin

Skincare for Fall

Incorporate spices in your skincare regime for fall. Cinnamon, paprika, cloves, and marjoram, have antioxidants and properties to give you that fall glow. Try a pumpkin mask, or a lip plumper with cayenne pepper

Fox5 More Show visits SkinBar

Fox5 More Show visits SkinBar, to learn about Organic Beauty. Buy local, buy non toxic beauty. We absorb 60-70% what is applied topically to our skin. Make sure it is healthy for your skin and good for you on the inside.

Teen Skincare Tips

Watch Lynda Moore, owner of SkinBar, in Las Vegas give easy tips for Back to School A+ skin.

Lynda Moore gives tips on pool beauty must haves

Get some quick and easy beauty tips when you are at the pool or beach.

Sunscreen tips with Lynda Moore

SPF’s are confusing. Get some tips on which ones to choose, and reapply every 90 minutes, when out in the sun.

Glowing Spring Skin is easy to get when you exfoliate and hydrate

Lynda Moore shares a few tips to get beautiful glowing spring skin. As our weather changes, so should our skin regimen. Always exfoliate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Do some spring cleaning also, and throw out old, expired products!

DIY Underarm masks and Hair masks demonstrated by Lynda Moore

Try these easy to do masks for your underarms and hair. Simple and fun to make. Masks are not just for your face. Can be applied to feet, body or anywhere!