Glowing Spring Skin is easy to get when you exfoliate and hydrate

Lynda Moore shares a few tips to get beautiful glowing spring skin. As our weather changes, so should our skin regimen. Always exfoliate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Do some spring cleaning also, and throw out old, expired products!

DIY Underarm masks and Hair masks demonstrated by Lynda Moore

Try these easy to do masks for your underarms and hair. Simple and fun to make. Masks are not just for your face. Can be applied to feet, body or anywhere!

Makeup and Beauty tips for 2016

Learn the latest tips from Lynda Moore, owner of SkinBar, in Las Vegas. Airbrush makeup is easy to do with the Temptu Airbrush System. Or try oxygenitix makeup to camouflage rosacea and acne.

Get your Skin Holiday Ready

Lynda Moore gives tips on getting your skin ready for the holidays. Try a little botox or fillers, or manuka honey for quick acne treatment.

Get rid of your turkey neck and tech neck

The skin on the neck is similar to the skin around your eyes. Get tips to keep your neck away from lines and wrinkles.

Fall Beauty Tips by Lynda Moore

Get your skin ready for the holidays. Exfoliate and Repair with Vitamin C. My favorite exfoliants are IsClinical active serum, and Revision Retinol Complete. Get rid of that dull skin, so that your skin will sparkle through the holidays.

Beauty Tips from Around the Globe

Lynda Moore discusses a few beauty tips from South Korea, France, Latin America, and Japan. Snail Cream is high in hydration and enzymes. Olive Oil is a great conditioner for eyelashes. Red Wine has a super antioxidant called Resveratrol, which is anti-aging

Hair thinning tips with Lynda Moore

Get a few tips for your thinning hair. Every day we lose about 100 hairs a day. Keep your hair healthy and strong.

Tips on how to properly wash your makeup brushes

Lynda Moore shows how to properly clean your makeup brush. Plus, bacteria is all around your makeup. Find out how to keep makeup clean from germs and bacteria.

Activated Charcoal for your skin and health

Lynda Moore, owner of SkinBar, in Las Vegas, discusses using activated charcoal in a facial mask, on your toothbrush, or try it in a lemonade! Great way to detoxify your skin and body. Excellent to clear acne.