Banish Cellulite

Lynda Moore, from SkinBar, in Las Vegas, discusses how to banish cellulite. Cellulite is not a fat thing, it is a toxin build up in the body. 90% of women have it. Due to heredity, thickness of the skin, gender, age, lack of exercise and poor circulation.

Chemical peels vs Laser Treatments

Lynda Moore talks about chemical peels and laser treatments. Which is best for your skin type.

DIY Face treatments from foods in your fridge

Lynda Moore appears on the More show to discuss natural facial treatments to treat your skin. Tips and secrets include fruits, yogurt, and more.

Protect the Neck – Don’t Neglect! Lynda Moore from SkinBar Las Vegas Discusses Neck Skin Care

Protect your neglect – don’t neglect! Lynda Moore from SkinBar Las Vegas appears on the Moore Show to discuss ways of protecting the skin on your neck. Watch the video for tips, tricks, and to learn more.

Hand Rejuvenation Tips with Lynda Moore

Lynda Moore appears on Fox 5’s the Moore Show to discuss hand rejuvenation. Learn how to reduce wrinkles and protect the skin on your hands. Tips include cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

Get Super Smooth Skin: Lynda Moore discusses the Clarisonic and Face Washing Techniques

Lynda Moore from SkinBar Las Vegas discusses face washing techniques and the Panasonic cleanser on Fox5’s The Moore Show.

Get the Perfect Pout: Protecting your lips from fall and winter weather

Lynda Moore appears on the Moore show to discuss how to protect and hydrate your lips during Fall and Winter.

Finding the Right Foundation and Identifying your Undertones

Finding the right foundation is tricky. Lynda Moore discusses tips and tricks for finding the right foundation for your skin. The main thing is finding your undertone: Cool, Warm or Neutral.

Face Mapping: What’s your skin telling you

Lynda Moore, from SkinBar in Las Vegas, appears on the Fox 5’s The Moore Show to discuss what Chinese face mapping reveals about your health.

Teen Acne Tips

Skin expert Lynda Moore from SkinBar in Las Vegas discusses teen acne with her client Abby Lorewald on Fox 5’s The Moore Show. Lynda discusses the various causes of acne in teens and provides three helpful tips: 1) Washing your face gently twice a day, 2) using moisturizer, and 3) keeping your hands off your…
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